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Let us tell you a story

If you go down into the woods today

Green Magick Folk are causing a bit of a rumpus sharing their stories, recipes and also artworks. If you have been lucky enough to find a tree charm in beautiful North Yorkshire locations including woodlands, and parks then you have opened a door to a special world and you are now closer to nature.

Find out more about your find and the story it is attached to.


Welcome to the magick

We share stories and magick from the woods, the hedges, forests, rivers and the fields. Each little charm opens a new story, a little insight into a magickal world of making, discovery, remedies and recipes with little creatures and of times past. We welcome you and are so glad you are here!

Frozen Leaves


We can share so much and find new ways of connecting with each other and the beautiful countryside. By painting these charms we are sharing our creativity. By finding us here you have now entered a place where you will find magick and make new discoveries. This is Green Magick Folk creating art to be enjoyed and shared.

Are you ready to find out more about our project?

Frozen Leaves
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