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Tree charms

This is where you can find out more about your Tree charm. Hang it safe to help keep the energy of the tree spirits in the wood alive. You can hang it by the fireplace, by the window or on your door perhaps. The tree charm is a talisman, a good luck charm and will bless your home or workspace.

It will also take you further beyond to a world of folklore and of lands of faraway. You will discover a place where you can try recipes of old and lose hours with stories of creatures who play in the moonlight and the early morning dew.

Project Tree charms in Hackfall Woods

Our artwork will be hanging in the woods and perhaps you have already found a charm? Keep walking and finding as we will be hiding more. Scroll in the blog posts and this gallery to find out more


Thorney Burrow

The Thorney Burrow characters have friends within these woods. They have been up all night playing with the cobwebs and making swings from them. A quick ride on the back of a hare, and a conversation with the green oak spirit are all usual occurences for the wilburs, ghost bunnies and the green witch. Open this page for their adventures and to find out more about your tree charm.


Wild Arts sustainable alchemy

The wild arts tree charms will take you to a place of remedies and also of folklore surrounding plants and trees. Making art in magickal places is such a tonic and so rejuvenating!   Find out about how we used plants in different seasons and also in unique ways.

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