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Something is in the air

Walking through Hackfall Woods, North Yorkshire, you can sense there is something happening behind the scenes, somewhere under the gound is a rumble, in the stream's current there is a ripple.

The green witch is starting to mix some greens and get them ready for the big job she has to undertake.

She will be working her way across the valley, across the paths and canopies to paint each tree, each bush and the ground with it's first, fresh spring green.

In the next few weeks you will see the evidence of all her hard work and be in awe of the palette she chooses for this years outburst. The wilburs and ghost bunnies are eager to get started and we can sense their excitement when we walk through the woods; they just can't wait to splash those colours about.

Greenmagickfolk can't wait to share this with you and shall be adorning some tree charms in the woods to mark this occasion.

Spring is such an exciting time of the calendar with new promise and a great feeling underfoot giving us a new found energy.

We will be announcing some appearances at art fairs, displays and also some new publications too!

We will share our news on this blog as we are busy too just like the green witch!

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