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Did you see us in Yorkshire Post?

The art of spreading happiness

We had a mention in The Yorkshire Post, on Thursday (31st August) of our wild guerilla art drop in Hackfall woods near Masham, North Yorkshire!

Beautiful photography by Jonathon and perfect modelling by Clare!

We think the photographs show off the tree charms so perfectly!

What do you think?

Have you been over to Hackfall? It really is a beautiful place, it fires up the imagination and you are walking the footsteps of famous artists and a poet too.

We hope that you may find our tree charms to take home, admire in the trees or leave for others to enjoy. If you do find one then head over to our tree charms gallery to find out more!

There are a few more charms to find so don't be disheartened if you don't find any this weekend, as we will be dropping more as the most colourful vibrant time is on it's way!! Have you seen Hackfall in Autumn?!?! Oh wow, then you are in for a treat!!! The colours are sublime.

We noticed the leaves are on the turn, the trees are getting ready to paint the landscape with russets, golds, browns, reds, oranges and yellows. The views will be stunning and completely worth an afternoon or early evening walk as the days begin to draw in.

Each season has it's beauty and the Green Witch will be busy with the Wilburs and ghost Bunnies as they will of course be helping to paint those leaves. Some leaves will be spattered with many colours so you can guess the Ghost Bunnies probably helped with those ones!

We hope to find your emails and messages of your discoveries and any stories you have to tell!

Have a wonderful greenmagick weekend!

From Greenmagickfolk!

**I found the link that is in the photograph below worked on my phone but not on my laptop. Strange! Must be some greenmagick going on with those naughty Ghost Bunnies!

Artist Clare Lindley hanging a beautiful tree charm in Hackfall

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