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Go walking in Hackfall woods and you may just find a little magick along the way!

Next weekend we are set to place our tree charms in Hackfall woods, a place of magick and intrigue. If you go you will find it is indeed a place full of energy and a sense of calm will envelope you. If you can't make it then enjoy our photographs and our stories and we will bring the wild in!

We will place our charms so you can find out more about folklore and magick in the world of ghost bunnies, the green witch and where Wilburs also michievously plays! They do have a bit of guidance and naughty encouragement from Wilburs and the Wols! You will love the imagery and their shenigans!

There will also be the treecharms with remedies and folkore of plants you can spot in the woods. These have the beliefs of folklore from long ago with each plant and who knows these maybe where we should be returning for manifestation of love, health and luck in our lives.

Mother Nature knows best, we are each of land, sea and air.

Admire the tree charms during your walk, or take one home to hang above your door, by your fireplace or in your window. You may want to share with someone and tell them of this magickal place that the woodland trust care for.

It has to be celebrated as does nature in our lives! Please plant more hedges and make a wild space in your garden; we promise you it will make a difference!

North Yorkshire has very beautiful woodlands and many walks pass by such breathtaking scenery, like Hackfall. Perhaps you may want to share these too? Please comment and we will be excited to hear about your discoveries! An image of one of the tree charms is below and lots to read about the humble plant 'Dock'

This tree charm is dock - did you know you can grind the seeds for a flour to make bread, which of course we should do instead of the cheap muck sold in shops. We stopped looking for food and became reliant of manufacturers with their preservatives. This is not for the best and our gut health is suffering. So if you are out today and see some dock then gather its seeds and try some seeds in your salads , add to boiled rice or saute the leaves or add flavour to your boiled potatoes. You can use like vine leaves, some fry like spinach, beautiful with cheese. (Don't eat if you are pregnant or breastfeeding)

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