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Hackfall has its coat of many colours on

The green witch certainly has been busy along with her friends, they have been painting

trees through the nights! Bursts of colour are on every turn in the woods! It is absolutely breathtaking! I know the wilburs have their hands full at this time of year with the ghost bunnies so excited for Samhain, so the painted colours are very sporadic in true mischief maker style! Tonight there will be a procession of ghost bunnies among the stars and also on the tree tops! Make sure you get your best binoculars out as the veil is this tonight from this world to theirs. They will be chasing each other and being very naughty holding stars in the sky and swinging their lanterns!

Hackfall will be a very special place tonight, I could feel it today. There is magick in the air which of course mother nature is the true champion of. Every animal and every plant knows it's own time to change for what is ahead.

If you find a tree charm in the next week make sure to send us an email or a mesage us to tell us how it is in it's new home or left hanging for others to find.

Watch out for the ghost bunnies and their escapades, illustrated in the trees, in the weeks to come.

We hope you enjoy Autumn in Hackfall and it's orchestra of colour. The green witch is truly showing off her amazing abilities this year! So if you can try to take a walk in the beautiful woods near Grewelthorpe and Masham.

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