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There's magick in the trees - Hackfall woods with it's own magick and mystery has surprises galore!

Come down after tonight and find tree charms to inspire you, and add to the surprise on your walk. Greenmagickfolk are dropping their wild guerilla art from today and you will see their interpretation of these wonderful woods.

We are following in the footsteps of famous Artists and poets who walked these paths before us. Turner spent time here sketching as a young Artist and many others made the journey to take in these beautiful woods, designed by John Aisalbie in the 1700s.

Many other Artists local to Masham have also been inspired by Hackfall flora and fauna including Ian Scott Massie.

We would like to share our art, you can hang your tree charm at home, gift it and sahre it, or leave it hanging for others to enjoy. Perhaps you may bring it back and then swap for another at a later date. We want to become closer to nature, to appreciate how it fires our imagination to tell stories, use our imaginations and escape to calm and tranquility of wild spaces like Hackfall.

We have recipes, stories, little books and prints too. We hope you enjoy following us. If we inspire you as a young artist then please get in touch we would love to see your drawings!

Can you find your tree charm on our webpage?

Would you like to find out more about Green magic folk?

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