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Tree charms! Our wild guerilla art in Hackfall Woods

Yesterday greenmagickfolk hung our tree charms and there will be more to come in the week so if you are planning a walk to Hackfall Woods look out for them!

They look so good hanging in the trees. The beautiful intricate pyrography work of Clare Lindley is absolutely stunning! The green witch is using her wand at the moment you can see where she has started to cast spells for the season to turn. Wendi May New has her watercolour nature art glistening in the trees to bring an awareness of plants and their uses.

A stunning afternoon to hang the work in this wonderful gallery We can't think of a better place for it to be displayed!!

If you can't get to Hackfall and would like to see the tree charms take a peek at the Tree Charms gallery page on the website.

They look so good and we can't wait to hear from people and their thoughts on discovering them. Some may leave them for others to enjoy, some may take them to enjoy at home or to gift to others.

We are promised a piece in the Yorkshire Post this week! (scroll down for more)

Watch out for us!

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