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We are here working our magick!

Things never stop growing, changing colour and always inspiring us!

We have been creating and responding to the lush green that is around us. Lots of gorgeous colours are emerging!

What have you spotted lately!? I saw Lords and Ladies poking through the wooodland floor the other day, brambles are good for eating now and hazels are starting to drop.

Please don't touch lords and ladies they give a very nasty rash even though they look so beautiful!! Our tree charms will soon be adorning the woodland walk in Hackfall woods.

You will be able to take them home, gift them, share and find out more on our web pages about them too! Are you excited to find them!? We will post more about each of them on our pages.

We hope you are having a wonderful summer full of nature's surprises!! There is so much for discovery, spend a little time with us in green magick folk for stories, myths, folklore and also recipes of old to bring more insight to your walks or your garden. #hackfallwoods #greenmagickfolk #treecharms #masham #visitmasham #grewelthorpe #woodlandtrust #woodlandwalk #northyorkshireartist #giftsforyou #treespirit #folkloreandmagick #ancientwoods #magickofthewoods #closertonature #naturessurprises #natureiswonderful #wildwomen #motherearth #hackfallmasham #beautifulnorthyorkshire

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